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renault scenic

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Renault scenic review
Renault scenic.A new approach to the new Renault Scenic compact MPV segment telling. Renault Megane Coupe and stimulates a sense of dynamism associated with sports saloon car in the world easier to exude Scenic compact form, the line taut, rear lights and sporty front end of a unique Thanks to the looks.
Renault Scenic styling is a mixture of liquid and taut lines. This smart black bar between the two cups trimmed satin chrome finish you choose Renault Megane coupe, like his appeal is based on incorporating a central air intake is in three parts, its dynamic highlighted by the grating. Nick Renault front row end character is transferred to the head of the hole to give negative light. Line, the visual style more dynamic, in order to emphasize the feeling has been reinforced through the rear screen was tilted sharply dipping roof and, essentially in the form of lines of text back sweeping headlights still has been called. Both "boomerang" shape of the taillights are similar to those of the new Renault Grand Scenic. However, instead of sweeping the front, they are more exclusive Renault Scenic, turns to boot.
Renault Scenic, exudes an unmistakable impression of robustness represented by the curve of the front and rear sides of their wings. Wide front and rear track (1545 mm front, rear 1547 mm) Renault Scenic, on the road to ensure that its inherent stability and. Its proportions, door panels and large girth also convey a sense of protection and comfortable.
In addition, the characteristics of the body panels fit and finish and high quality materials. Special attention, while the frame is assigned to the inner door, front bumper and rear carefully, which is equipped with parking proximity sensor. The roof, which is welded to the sides of the body using laser welding technology eliminates the need to cut the roof.
Interior styling is based on the fluid line, the driving environment has been specifically configured. Are housed in the center console in order to free up space in the passenger cabin or as much as possible surrounding the steeringwheel control and comfort-related travel and drive.
Including smooth finishing touch - - and the quality of the interior fittings for each version, both were taken in the choice of materials also deserves special attention.Equal interest is the attempt to achieve a range of environments for each individual device level, attention has interior details such as trim and straps to encircle different. As a result, customers are lighter and can choose either beige, elegant, finished look or darken.
Robust and dynamic style that is characteristic of all models that make up the Renault Mégane family is not indicative of the trip first-class comfort and handling.
User-friendly interior
Renault Scenic in length, 80 mm longer than its predecessor, is 4.34 meters. Its interior has been thought out trip to experience more enjoyable for all residents in care. Based on the strength helped build the success of the Renault Scenic I and Scenic II, it is more interior space, providing comfort and storage solutions.
Extra space
Renault Scenic location from the windshield pillar further back, has led to broader range of vision. In fact, another 8 percent of the horizontal field of view to ensure visibility for drivers at intersections and roundabout (87 degrees) has been extended by. At the same time, the vertical magnetic field was increased to 31 degrees more than 15%.
Long wheelbase (2702 mm, an increase of II landscape Renault more than 20 mm) to allow the occupants of the second row to benefit from best of class knee room of 235 mm, four, will be able to move comfortably adults five The.
Renault Scenic interior is completely modular:
Folding front passenger seat,
Second seat seat back can be folded or removed completely to the bank itself can be tilted forward. The latter arrangement has the ability to load more than 1.8 cubic meters
Individually adjustable second-row seats can slide the front / rear 130 mm, there are five positions for reclining seat and back. Tilt the seat back of the passenger seat and second row, the length will be carried forward to allow entry of up to 2.5 meters.
Extra comfort
All controls are intuitive and fall readily to hand. The center console is the main driver assistance (including parking brake assist, cruise control / speed limiter), multimedia and connectivity (MP3 player, iPod ©, and USB flash drives), plus the power is 12V.
sedan-like driving position, compared to between 2.4 degrees more upright Renault Scenic II steeringwheel, the floor will be able to find the driving position than the owner of the Renault Scenic, the customer was raised by 15 mm is Especially in the MPV, without compromising the level of visibility that is similar to the sedan.
Traveling the highest levels of adjustment: to help you find the ideal driving position when it is available now to enter the lumbar adjustment, adjustable driver's seat, the seat height of 70 mm height of the segment level version has a large capacity adjustment. Three parts: "Grand Comfort" offers enhanced support for security and five headrests.
In order to ensure optimum thermal comfort for all occupants, Renault Scenic, are equipped with climate control as standard. Dual-zone automatic climate "automatic high-speed software" is also available. The rear seat comfort has been improved thanks to the opening of the second line to include.
Other comfort features are available related to the Renault Scenic.
Withdrawal from the cardholder's hands-free car, ignition and entry with central locking. Remote lighting function, the owner, for example, you can find your car thanks to a specific button on the card to activate the light of large vehicles.
Parking brake assist. Parking brake is automatically applied when the engine is turned off when the engine is running, please press the accelerator pedal was just re-released. It can also be started manually via a switch on the center console.
Storage facility for all passengers
The new Renault Scenic, intelligent for all residents, in 86 liters of storage space in the cabin thanks to a series of practical solutions, the market topped.
Four underfloor compartments under the front and outer rear seats (two 3.2-liter compartment under the front two legs of the occupant of the second row, 2.5-liter compartment), 4.5 liters and four drawers. This is standard on all trim levels.
The illuminated 11-liter glove box, cool.
Open the center console storage box for small items.
Double sliding center console equation (independent of each other and slide the console armrest) are built in 9 liters of storage space is divided into two parts: under small arms (such as pens, sunglasses, credit cards, etc. ) The main bottle can take a large object such as a 1.5-liter bottles and such.
Map pockets in six of the front seat back, small pocket to stash such items as portable game machines, such as two, stuffed like an MP3 player, map pocket a large below the table in style and air.
Residents of three 12V power supply front (center console), the crew of the second line, electronic, mobile phones, game consoles, MP3 players, video and other items, or to run power, begin to collect refrigerators box (available as accessory).
Place the rear center console, sliding hook on the back for hanging a small bag to prevent its contents dispersed when the vehicle is moving.
Renault Scenic trunks, as well as 522 cubic meters (with a second row of seats in the most forward position), but its load capacity, its low rear sill height (602 mm) and access Thanks are especially practical. Backdoor wide (1092 mm). Provide storage space for the tire repair kit 33dm3, freeing additional space. This kit can be re-inflated if a small hole so that the tire is attached.
Proprietary technology to facilitate the conduct
Renault Scenic advantage of the long list of technical features that are designed to improve the comfort of the journey and take the stress of motoring. This list, TFT multifunction (Thin Film Transistor: Thin Film Transistor) color LCD panel has a built-in email and audible parking proximity sensor TomTom ® navigation system that combines new integrated Carminat know the camera gear.
Automatically as needed, a clear view when driving-related information, customizable color TFT LCD screen.
Cruise information and an open door control / speed limiter: Renault Scenic obviously speed, speed, etc. as well as a customizable as other functions that display data, screen high-resolution color TFT (Thin Film Transistor: Thin Film Transistor) as well as pressure warning / belt / tires shipped, reversing camera vision (other than parking near the buzzer).
It is thanks to their personal interests to the button in front of the display driver takes no time at all to adapt this interface. In addition to the choice of six charts, this button is the amount of proximity parking sensors of the buzzer and auto-start and headlights language used to activate the parameters for a specific function, to change or deactivate can be used. On the other hand, entry-level white contrast on the LCD screen is black, excellent contrast (more than 30 times compared to the prior art) is to provide.
The two navigation systems: DVD of the Carminat TomTom Carminat Bluetooth ® and ®
Carminat TomTom ® navigation system e-mail announcement of a new integrated brand, TomTom and rates are the fruit of an exclusive partnership € 490. It is easy to use and accurate, the map displayed on the screen of 5.8 inches, detailed traffic information, alternative routes, speed limits, all the features expected of a navigation system in the main, including a long list of points of interest, providing has been the location of speed cameras (by country), and a wide variety of customizable features.SD card, the owner, makes it easier to update the navigation data and customization options thanks to the TomTom ® system know-mail to the site to download their custom to Carminat truly unique to the system The.
DVD of the Carminat Bluetooth ®, Screen 7 inch central navigation controls, CD multichanger six (MP3/wma-compatible), mounted on the dashboard with integrated high-end speech recognition Plug & Music multimedia connections Both phones feature Bluetooth ® and navigation that the navigation system.
The acoustic parking sensors and proximity of the camera gear
Renault Scenic is also available in the proximity sensors in combination with the sound of camera gear. To help secure parking, shows a regional view of the march on the screen behind the car navigation system camera directly. On the other hand, he or she will show the driver the screen representation of colors to indicate the direction of the car has to drive to the park. This is the trajectory through the steering wheel, and a second overlay of color illustrations depicting the vehicle to move according to the instructions of the driver. The TFT screen displays an outline view of a Renault Scenic with disabilities were selected using the color coding of vehicles coming to the front and back.
Full range of multimedia
Renault Scenic has seen the introduction of a new series of audio systems.
The classic four-speaker level input 80W RadioSat, single CD player with MP3, RCA socket and remote control finger.
Healthy high-end 3D Arkamys ® audio system, the automotive market, which is unique in the process of a major new milestone in the Renault range audio.
Connectivity Bluetooth ® audio streaming: This technology, thanks to the audio system and Bluetooth ® wireless connectivity, you can listen to music stored on the mobile phone or personal music player itself through the vehicle occupants.
Plug & Music multimedia terminal in the center console, MP3 player to connect to a car audio system itself, or you can use a USB key © the iPod. The list is displayed on the dashboard, the driver is steering wheel-mounted fingertip remote control (album, Automatic file sorting by artist or type of music) you can scroll through the functions of the portable player using the car.
STANDARD SALOON handling and driving pleasure, the comfort of the traveling CAR
Innovations in the field of operation Renault scenery, without sacrificing the comfort level helps build the reputation of their predecessors. It ensures a predictable pattern of the motor show will provide an unprecedented driving pleasure and handling compact MPV segment.
Body roll control
Turn the vehicle "Renault Scenic specific roll angle refers to the inclined angle is the lowest of any MPV, standing beside the second acceleration 0.40 ° / and - a ², ² sedan similar to (0.47 s ° / - II landscape ² -) whereas the second segment is the average of 0.46 ° /. If the Senate, this gain means a significant reduction of disease risk and ride this week.
New Renault Megane and the same DNA technology
Is three times stiffer than the previous generation models,: Renault Megane and Megane coupe-like hatchback, Renault Scenic, each new sub-frame (diameter 62 mm "horn" cylinder), a McPherson type front suspension coupled with has. This arrangement provides the accuracy of direction without reproach, to limit the lateral movement of the body sub-frame structure.
Rear suspension is based on the programmed deflection radius. Hollow section, the front anti-roll bar 25.2mmdiameter (weight 2.7 kg) together with, closedsection bar represents a 2 kg weight, the combination of the weight while reducing the vehicle torsional stiffness and rigidity.
Specific attenuation
Regardless of the passenger and baggage with or without, Renault Scenic has been adjusted to provide a stricter standard of comfort. Extensive work on the dumping led to more control over the vertical movement is to improve the absorption of road bumps, optimized to control body movement. This progress is the main cause.
Flexibility of the spring (front: 15mm/100DaN, Rear: 18mm/100DaN)
Lower wishbone mounting assembly of elastic hydro
Pressure of the new front bumper.
New power steering system
Renault Scenic has been equipped with electric power steering system has been developed for Mégane Renault same.
The most advanced steering control unit of power (for Nick II is compared to 420Hz 1000 Hz), inducing a fast torque sensor (0.6ms compared to 2.4ms) of 300 Hz and more dynamic servo motor (for 70Hz bandwidth Compared to) provide a quick response to the instructions of the driver, combined in order to reduce the viscosity and inertia wheel also felt.
These changes led to the front end more responsive and more accurate way. In summary, the Renault Grand Scenic Renault Scenic Renault turn and the steering precision performance, without compromising the superior level of comfort, handling more like a comfortable sedan, that contribute to a pleasant sensation .
RANGES and dCi TCE engine: performance and environmental considerations
Engines and transmissions available in the Renault Scenic is tailored to the needs of today's motorists. Remodeled extensively dCi's are highly fuel efficient both bands TCE, while driving pleasure they offer, operating costs that are between 20 all when compared with the engine the previous generation day is 30% lower. . They also provide power and torque from low engine speeds over a wide speed range in all situations.
DCI range of engines
Your Renault Scenic, the DPF and dCi 150 DPF automatic transmission, diesel engine, ie, DCI 85, dCi 105's, dCi 110 DPF's (diesel particulate filters), DCI 130 (with or without DPF) The dCi 160 can choose from a wide selection is mated to a manual gearbox.
1.5 dCi block
Needless to say, the Renault Scenic is very large and is available in 1.5 liter diesel engine has been praised for its fuel economy and driving pleasure. 1461 cc block is currently in the 85hp and 105hp versions of the dCi 110 coupled with the new particulate filter is available in three power levels. All these engines are able to qualify for a signing ² Runoeko they can charge a very low CO2 emissions.
130g/km in the case of the dCi 85,
The dCi 105 (with 15-inch wheels) 134g/km or (16-inch wheels) in the case of 130g/km
The dCi 110 DPF (with 15-inch wheels) 136g/km or (16-inch wheels) in the case of 134g/km.
Spotlight on the dCi 110 DPF
The dCi 110 powerplant is equipped with a particulate filter to comply with the following Euro 5 legislation. The play is completely transparent to the driver via an additional injector in the exhaust line. This so-called fifth injector technology, has been running costs can be reduced and which is protected by 30 patents.
Widely acclaimed for its efficiency and acoustic performance, this performance, engine blocks, punchy low-speed response, optimized combustion (5 squirts per cycle) presents a particular thanks to the turbocharger and management .Combined cycle fuel consumption of the Renault Scenic have this strength to make it run 5.1 100 km (15-inch wheels) dCi 110 DPF while the engine is your engine to generate 240 Nm of maximum torque at 1750 rpm more fuel for the market's performance. Too, coupled with six-speed manual gearbox to achieve outstanding driving pleasure.
In terms of running costs and maintenance, dCi 110 DPF engines in the best figures in its class. Oil change intervals are every 30,000 km (or biennial), and diesel filter has an average life of 60,000 km. The particulate filter is shipped with a lifetime warranty, timing belt, you will need to change all of the 16 million kg.
DCi 130 engine
Now available in a range of Renault Megane, DCI 130 engine was reworked to meet the Euro 5 legislation significantly. 6-speed manual gearbox, this powerplant fitted with a fuel consumption in combined cycle returns to Renault Scenic 5.5 100 km per run away.
The peak power of this block is 3750 rpm and maximum torque available from 1,750 rpm, cc 130hp Year 1870 (96kW) (in 300nm) is. These numbers are possible because of the variable geometry turbocharger magazine is curved blades contribute to rapid energy use and faster response. Fuel injection and more detailed, seven-hole injectors in order to ensure more efficient (as compared to six previously.) Last but not least, catalytic particulate filter (regeneration by combustion) and the new EGR it is cooled to enable to meet the forthcoming Euro 5 legislation.
In addition to improved dynamic performance, the Renault Scenic sound, these functions can also optimize fuel consumption. DCi 130 engine, which emits just 145g/km of CO2, surprisingly quiet, but also a powerful and environmentally friendly.
These improvements have also led to the maintenance and operation costs. Oil change interval is every two years or every 30,000 km, just the timing belt, all of the 16 million kg (instead of every 120,000 km previously) compared with the need to change the has been extended to 30,000 km or every two years.
Manual gearbox, dCi 160 and dCi 150 engines and automatic transmissions and
Renault Scenic, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed automatic transmission, you can order the 2.0 dCi engine famous. It is a catalyst for the particulate filter has the advantage of being able to run without additives (regeneration by combustion) is equipped. Not only the noise of his or her credentials, and environmental performance, dCi 150 and dCi 160 engine and automatic transmission with manual gear box 160hp 4,000 rpm (power of 150HP at 118kW (110 kW) at most in its class One efficient) at 3750 rpm, respectively.Maximum torque at 5,000 rpm rotation is quickly 360nm respectively are available from 2000 rpm (DCI 150) 380nm and (DCI 160), and both the engine and a smooth climb.
The range of petrol engines
The market, Renault Scenic line-up features new TCE 130 (Turbo Control Efficiency) Five petrol engines, including the range.
1.6 16V 110hp engine (petrol and LPG versions of the E85)
In addition to the outstanding driving pleasure, powerplants these two, the response in light of the whole band sound effect of cushioning the higher rotational speed and full speed, and flexibility and at low rpm punch. The LPG version, depending on the market as scheduled for release in late 2009 or early 2010, are available in versions for both gasoline and E85 ethanol engine.
1.6 16V 140 engine
The peak power of 140hp petrol engine 2.0 16V 140 new claims and 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 195Nm at 3750 rpm (103kW). Through the Alliance, to run, CVT (CVT) has been developed. Renault Mégane first seen, smooth shifting transmission, in order to provide a continuously variable transmission, eliminating the need for a conventional gear change.
New TCE 130 engine
The new TCE 130 engine is an eloquent example of Renault's downsizing strategy.It is just 7.1 litres/100km in particular (equivalent to 168 grams of CO2/km) in fuel consumption, and fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. This engine is 1.8 liter engine 1397 cc (130hp/96kW) 2.0-liter engine (190nm) of torque power pack. It drives through a six-speed manual gearbox.
ECA 130, as well as best-in-class engine, maintenance, while operating costs are concerned. 30,000 km of oil and filter change every oil change intervals (or biennial), while the use of long-chain, giving priority to reliability and acoustic comfort. Air filter every 90,000 km (or every four years) should be changed, belts and accessories and candles, all 12 million km (or every six months a year) must be replaced.
renault scenic front view
 renault scenic inside

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